BlinkBlink Pencilcase

13,00 EUR

You wonder: Who still has pens with them today? Don't worry - it officially says PENCIL CASE on it, but if you've already found a suitable place for your armada of promotional pens, you can put in whatever you want! Chewing gum, nail clippers, deposit receipts, analog film cans, postcards, charging cables - you name it! Is simply sow practical, the thing. Good to know: Our case is vegan, fair-trade, and 100% recycled with 300 grams of cotton with polyester content. Does nothing mean anything to you? No big deal - but believe us, you're really shopping for the hottest case on the market.

- 21,5 x 16cm (ca. DinA5)
- Nylon zipper, slider with herringbone band
- edging for a clean finish inside on all seams
- 300 GSM
- Global Recycle Standard
- Fair Wear/Fair Trade
- Vegan